Wanna Look Youthful? Start Practicing These 5 Age Reversing Yoga Asanas Now


Age is just a number!

You may not admit, but it is a fact that our older generation used to be more youthful and energetic when they were of same age. Have you not noticed how our fast-paced lives end up making us look older and haggard than we actually are?

While you can’t control the body clock ticking, a better lifestyle, active routine and positive state of mind do help in snipping off years from your look. And here is where Yoga comes to play. Let Ourtitbit be your guide on how to look youthful and energetic with age reversing Yoga asanas:

  1. Bal Asana or Child Pose:
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This easy-to-do asana relaxes a stressed mind in a jiffy. Just place your hips on your heels and sit comfortably. Now take a deep breath, breathe out and bend forward to touch your forehead to the floor. Hold the pose for 40-50 seconds with steady breathing and relax.

A regular practice of this Yoga asana pumps up the blood supply to your face and upper body. It also relieves constipation and clams down the nervous system.

  1. Vrikshasana or Tree Pose:
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This rejuvenating asana is very effective in strengthening limbs as well as back, thus, helping in our posture and stature. Do remember to fix your gaze at a distant object for a steady balance.

  1. Hal Asan:
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This inverted pose is one of the best age reversing Yoga asanas. Menopause, backache, menstrual pain, infertility, sinusitis, insomnia, anxiety- this one Yoga pose is the answer to most of the age-related problems. A regular practice of this Yoga asana not only regulates metabolism, it also helps reduce stress, fatigue and calms the brain.

Note: Beginners should do Hal asana only under supervision.

  1. Utkatasana Or Chair Pose:
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Simple to look, but not so simple to do, this asana is another very effective way of reverse aging with Yoga. All you have to do is to sit on an imaginary chair for 30-45 seconds but without the comfort of sitting on an actual one. This pose is very effective in stimulating the heart and the abdominal organs, keeping you away from heart ailments and digestion problems.

  1. Virbhadra Asana or Warrior Pose:
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You will experience a new zeal of energy and swiftness if this asana is done regularly. The asana completely removes backaches and helps to a great extent in relieving age-related osteoporosis, infertility, carpal tunnel syndrome, and sciatica.

So, kick off the lethargy and start practicing these age reversing Yoga asanas now. And be ready to meet the new you!


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